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At present you can view the balance of your EPF online by the help of the facility of e-passbook that is accessible on Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) website. The e-passbook facility has been started by the EPFO for the updated accounts of the PF of the employees online who are the subscribers. This latest concept of launching of the passbook of the EPF account enables the employees to download their e-passbooks several times in the month. The department of provident Fund now does not provide the hard copy of the statement of the annual PF.

EPF that is generally known as PF or provident fund is the scheme that has been provided by the government as the benefit scheme after retirement to the salaried employees. There is the provision of the contribution to the provident fund every month by the employer as well as the employee @ 12% of the basic salary, retaining allowance if there is any and dearness allowance. Hence in total 24% of the salary is being contributed to the provident fund of the employee.
The members of EPF have the access of the e-passbook on the website of EPFO, but prior to that they have to get registered on that site. The copy of the e-passbook can be accessed by the member after entering the PF number, establishment code and the full name as it is provided on the slip.

About E-passbook

The online version of the status book of PF is called as E-passbook. This leads to the tracking of the transactions and the status of the PF of an employee. The e-passbook provides all the details mentioning all the entries date and month wise. The other details of the employee are also mentioned in the e-passbook like name and DOB.

Only the active members can access the E-passbook. There is no availability of the e-passbook for the accounts that are having negative balance, inoperative or settled. All the establishments that have been exempted can not access E-passbook. For getting the facility of the E-passbook the employee has to make its registration on the website of EPFO and have to enter all the compulsory details.

Register Online

This facility for e-passbook is available only for those members for whom the employer has uploaded the return cum electronic challan for the period of May 2012 and onwards regarding wages of the employees. There is the EPFO portal on which the member has to get registered for getting the e-passbook. There is no requirement of remembering and making the username or any password. The member has to enter simply his mobile number and the number of his any of the identity proof like AADHAAR, PAN, bank account, Voter ID, passport, DL and get registered for the process of login.

After the addition of your account number of EPF and the name, you have to simply click ‘Get PIN’. After that an SMS is being received by you mentioning your PIN. There is the requirement of entering this PIN whenever you have to download your e-passbook and in case of checking the balance of EPF.

Benefits of Registration

There is the provision of access of e-passbook for only the members who are registered. There is no provision for the e-passbook for the employees who have been retired from the job or left the job through VRS before 2012 March. They can only get the e-passbook in case they have made the request on the portal of EPFO.
All the registered members have the access of viewing their passbook of EPF account online and can gather all information regarding EPF account at single place. There is also the facility of sending SMS by EPFO whenever there is the availability of e-passbook online. All the members have the ability to download their e-passbook as many times as they want per month. The members who are registered with EPFO also have the access to their history of transaction online, hence saving the time a lot.

Steps to Generate E-Passbook

  • Login http://members.epfoservices.in
  • Register
  • Enter the cell number and DOB
  • Enter other information
  • Click the Get Pin button
  • You will receive an SMS of PIN on your mobile.
  • Get the PIN updated over the same link
  • Login can also be done by using mobile number and your document.
  • Push the button download e-passbook
  • Select the state of PF office
  • Then choose the PF office
  • Enter the code of PF of company
  • Enter the account number of the PF of employee
  • Enter the name of the employee
  • Push the button ‘Get PIN’
  • You will receive the SMS of your PIN.
  • Get the PIN updated over the same link
  • Then you can get your e-passbook after three working days over the same pages.

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