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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization came to being in Pune in the year 1977 and has managed to complete 31 years of its being. The organization has grown with time. In the year 2004 to sub-regional offices came up in the regions of Pune namely, Kohlapur and Solapur to manage the needs of the already well known establishments and the members of the Provident Fund. The members were given several benefits in an act of compliance.

The sub-region of Kolhalapur had their office established back in 1983 which covered many districts ikeStara, Singhdurg and Sangli which provided their services to branded establishments and member of the Provident Fund. The Kolhapur, sub-region office came under the Maharashtra region of Pune from mid-2005.

The other office i.e. the Solapur office in the sub-regional area only started its proper functioning in the year 1999. The office covered many districts like Latur, Solapur and Osmanabad and provided its services to branded establishments and the members of the Provident Fund.

The price of compliance has been reduced only so that the price of non-compliance price looks steeper. This act had promoted voluntary association of well-known establishment who weren’t willing to comply and has encouraged other as well.

The facilitation centers have grown strength wise and are active in all regional offices. These provide proficient services to the members and Employers alike. These members call the office when they require to make enquires of general nature or need information regarding settlement bonuses and other adjoining problems. Facilitation centers are providing good counseling to their respective members so that they can file their claims and benefit from doing so. These offices make sure that the procedures are well in place and the Act is implemented in a smooth manner.

The organization has made efforts to launch a pet project called “Reinventing EPF India” to take a different stand of the following:

  • Re-engineering of all business processes
  • Account system re-designed
  • Professional  I.T. Backup technologies
  • Networking in all the existing offices
  • Allotting security related numbers to all Members

EPF India

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